About Us

We are very pleased to introduce our staff team:  (NB photos below in order from Steven)

Steven Kerr: Rink Manager.  
Not many people can remember a time when Steven was not at Kinross. This does not make him old - it means he started young!! (in 1992) Steven's repuation as one of the best ice technicians in Europe is well deserved. 

Donald McGregor 

Donald has been an ice technician at Kinross for 20 years. He has gained a reputation for his pre bonspiel warm ups. The USA ladies touring team gave him great feedback.  Donald has moved 'upstairs' until the end of the season to support Peter.  Donald gained his first international cap for Scotland in the national fly fishing team in 2016.

Craig Murphy

Craig is an experienced ice technician who has been at Kinross since 2002. He has an amazing memory for names and faces. He has had an interesting season playing in the stick league with the Trust Chairman.

Peter Graham

Returned to be fulltime in bar/catering team this season. He has a dry sense of humour and makes amazing soup.

Maureen Martin

Maureen takes care of the team and the building. She also supports the bar team when we have larger groups and events.

Jim Steel
Part time ice technician. As well as being an experienced curling coach, he is an accomplished breeder of horses and  rare breed pigs.

NB Photo of ice team (in reverse taken March 2016)
NB no photo for staff below - camera shy!)

Anne Steedman
Part time bar/lounge - until recently active member of Busines Development Group.

Andy McPherson
Returned in January to support ice team, during Donald' s move 'upstairs'. Andy has worked at Kinross before and is renowned for his quirky humour and excellent photography.

Jack Drummond

New to the bar/lounge team and doing a great job. Temporary post to end of season. A fine young curler who is studying Video/Computer games development.