About The Board


The strategy and affairs of Kinross Curling Trust is directed by a Board of Directors, the composition of which is  up to eight members elected as Directors by members and up to one Director appointed by the Royal Caledonian Curling Club (RCCC).  In addition, up to three further Directors may be co-opted by the Board of Directors if they have particular skills that the Board feel would be valuable.

As of the 2017 AGM, there are eight elected Directors.  (NB photos as in order of brief notes)

Mike Caffyn (Chairman)
Mike was re-elected in January 2017 and remains in the post of Chairman.  He has been a member of Boreland Curling Club for over 20 years, and has served in most of their office bearer positions.  He also curls with Kinross 50+, and Bank of Scotland (Fife).

Phil Barton (Vice Chairman and Business Director) 
Following the 2017 AGM the Board appointed Phil as Vice Chairman. He remains in the key role of Business Director offering direct support to the Rink Manager.  Phil started curling in 1993. He is a past President of Inverkeithing Curling Club and was secretary and a tourist in the victorious Strathcona Cup Tour to Canada in 2013.  (Also very pleased to be in English Seniors team In Lethbridge 2017 for WCF seniors)                                    

Doug Ritchie (Treasurer)

Doug joined the Board in 2014. He became Treasurer in 2016.  He is past president and match secretary of Highland Curling Club, having curled there for over 30 years. He is  now retired and a member of Dunfermline Curling Club.

Iain Keddie (Secretary & building projects)
Iain was Secretary before joining the Board. He has the additional lead role for building projects. This includes the current project to provide disabled access to the lounge and improved changing facilities.  He has been a member of Stratheden CC for 12 years, seven of them as Secretary/Match Secretary and also curls with the Kinross 50+ and the Perth Seniors.

Ena Stevenson (Curling School and Business Developement)
Ena was reelected in 2017. She has the lead role to work directly with the Curling Development Officer and coaches. She is also an active member of the Business Development Group working with the Business Director.  Ena has curled at Kinross for over 30 years, and has been involved in all aspects of the development of the sport - as a Coach, Development Officer, and Tutor. She is a Past President of Dunfermline Ladies Curling Club, Kinross & District Ladies Centre, RCCC Ladies Branch , and Kinross Curling School.

Margaret-Elspeth Harman (Fundraising)
Margaret-Elspeth takes the lead role in fundraising, in particular to secure funding for the disabled access to the lounge project.  She curls with Fossoway Ladies Curling Club, Kinross 50+, and Tayside Ladies who play in Perth. 

Johnjo Kenny  (Business Development)
Johnjo joined the Board in January 2016. He brings a vast experience of competitive curling and administration to the Trust. He is a member of Kinross CC and a past President of  Kinross CC,Loch Leven Province and the Irish Curling Association.  He has participated in events in 17 countries and has a keen interest in how countries as diverse as Turkey and Canada attract new curlers and also retain and develop existing curlers.  (JohnJo is also going to Lehtbridge with Irish team)

Sandy Hay
Sandy was elected in Januaury 2017. He is a member of Orwell Men CC and has great experience in curling both on and off the ice. His energy and commitment has been vital in ensuring the Junior Classic has a firm place in Scotland's curling calendar.

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