Welcome to Kinross Curling

Kinross Curling Rink (built in 1977, and fully refurbished by Kinross Curling Trust in 2014) is a 4-sheet ice rink dedicated solely to the sport of curling. It is home to more than 35 curling clubs, including the World's oldest (Kinross - celebrating it's 350th Anniversary in 2018)

This webpage was first published on 1st Feb 2017. We look forward to 'growing' the site with your contributions and feedback.

If you want to curl bookings can be made by individuals or groups; instructors are available at pre-arranged request, and equipment is available to borrow.

If you simply wish to spectate, there is a family-friendly lounge/bar located upstairs, where you will feel welcome and get a good view of the whole ice rink.

For beginners we host several types of introductory courses throughout the curling season, which, along with Kinross Curling School, will give you a good taste of the game, and/or help you improve your skills.

Kinross Curling Development Club (KCDC) was specifically designed to give curlers in their first 2 seasons regular games with players of similar experience. Once ready to progress, you will find many clubs welcoming new members. [Use the "Clubs" tab at the bottom of this site for contact details].

Experienced players can enter a variety of leagues & tournaments for more competitive play.

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